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Meet Your Teacher!


Hi, I am Mrs. Wratchford.  I am a 2010 graduate of Kingsway and a 2015 graduate of West Virginia University.  I have a Masters' degree in Elementary Education K-6, certifications in Special Education K-Adult and Autism K-Adult along with endorsements in Mathematics and General Sciences 5-9.  


I am beginning my fifth year teaching but this is my first year in New Jersey and at Kingsway.  I taught for four years in West Virginia where I was a special education teacher in an elementary school.  My husband worked for the Divison of Natural Resources in West Virginia so we raised fish in our back yard (pretty cool job). Throughout my teaching, I continued my education and was able to achieve the highest level of a Masters' degree with a Masters' +45.  I also attended many professional developments and continued to grow as a teacher. 


Outside of the classroom, I am a boy mom, dog mom and wife! I enjoy crafting and everything FALL along with spending time with my family.