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We are Wildcats on the P.R.O.W.L!

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,Welcome to Mrs. Keyes's Math! This is my 4th year teaching at MLK, and I love it. Students are expected to come to class each day, ready to learn. I teach two blocks of math, and one block of Pre-AP math. My school email is [email protected]. You can also call the school for any concerns, and I am usually available during 4th period (10:01-10:49). For 7th grade, we use Eureka Math. The lessons are available online at Additional  resources can be located at and We will use Google classroom throughout the year as needed. The codes are listed undet the tab to the left, alond with directions to join my remind.


This year we are lucky to have Great Minds as a resource. Great Minds contains all of the lesson videos, study guides, practice quizzes, and the problem sets. We also have a single login spot for students to access multiple educational websites at Students can use Clever to access Great Minds, Edulastic, Khan Academy, and more! We will also utilize Zearn as a supplemental computer program during math lab time on select days. 


For a weekly overview, please use the homework and events tab located on the top left side of the page. 


In order to monitor your student's progress, please log into the student progress center:


Daily Schedule

7:20-8:16 1st Period math

8:19-9:07 2nd period Accelerated Learning

9:10-9:58 3rd period math

10:01-10:49 4th planning period

10:52-11:40 5th period Pre-AP

11:43-12:13 LUNCH

12:16-1:04 6th period math lab

1:07-1:55 7th period math lab Pre-AP

1:58-2:45 8th period math lab


Phone: 318-387-1825 | Fax: 318-325-4285 | 3716 Nutland Rd, Monroe, LA 71202