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Bonjour tout le monde! 


My name is Kelley March, and I am the French teacher at Haddonfield Memorial High School. I teach French II, III, IV and AP.  I started taking French when I was 12.  I enjoyed my French classes in middle and high school very much, so when I went to college at University of Richmond, it was an easy decision to continue.  I majored in French and English while there, and I studied abroad in France.  While in France, I lived with a host family. I very much enjoyed speaking to their ¨chien¨ Vicky!  


After college, I became a French teacher.  I first worked in Roanoke Virginia and then in Boston.  I was an au pair in Saint Bart´s in between those two jobs.  I wanted to work more on my fluency, and so I again lived with a French host family.  


I am excited to be teaching at Haddonfield!  Please let me know if you have any questions about my classes. My email is