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Hola y bienvenido!

Hello and welcome!


Soy la profesora de espanol en Hopewell Crest. 

I am the Spanish teacher grades K-1, and 5-8 for Hopewell.


Me puede llamar or email.

Call or email me anytime.

451-9203 x 344



Online Expectations • 

Online Expectations o Students are expected to be online and follow the schedules below.  o Teachers will introduce material, instruct, and utilize guided instruction during the “teaching periods” in the beginning of the day and have small group or individual meetings during the afternoon. Please know that although the afternoon time is not as structured as the morning, teachers will be online meeting with students. During this time teachers will perform iReady data chats, small reading groups, have writing meetings, focus on Math concepts, etc.  o Teaching periods will be like a classroom setting with the Teacher teaching in a classroom in front of the computer. Students will be logged in and participating in class. We will be using Zoom meetings through Office 365 as our meeting place. This setting will be a bit different for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Those teachers will be reaching out about their direction.  o Classroom expectations ▪ The virtual classroom is like a normal classroom. School expectations will be the same as if children were in school ▪ The TEAMS chat function is not for student to student contact. It will only be used for Teacher to Student contact. Failure to follow this will result in disciplinary action.  o Student Materials – Students are responsible for keeping their materials accessible during teaching times and transporting them back and forth to school during In Person instruction.  o School Issued Chromebooks – A Chromebook Agreement Handbook will be posted to the school website. Please read the agreement. o Students are expected to log in each day by 8:00 am. Not logging in all day will count as an absence. Logging in late will be considered a lateness.  Middle School Students are expected to log into each class on time. 




Virtual Learning Student Guidelines

Hopewell Crest Middle School
As HCS moves forward with virtual learning, the middle school team of teachers have collaborated to create a list of what is believed to be BEST student practices. These practices share the goal of empowering students to achieve success in each of their middle school classes, by providing them with a list of suggested behaviors that lend themselves to becoming responsible digital citizens. 

1. Join all virtual sessions on time. 

2. Mute your computer microphone as soon as you enter the meeting. Only unmute your mic when called upon by the teacher to do so and mute the mic again immediately after answering the question.

3. Only join meetings using a computer or device approved by the district. Cell phones are not approved to be used during the scope of the school day, as per the student handbook. Therefore, they should NOT be used for class meetings. 

4. Work in a space that is conducive to concentrating on class discussion and activities. This space should NOT encourage distraction, invite noise from others in the home, or lend themselves to taking a rest during class instruction/practice. 

5. Be prepared with ALL class required materials (pencils, notebooks, textbooks, folders, etc.), as outlined by the teacher for each course, ahead of joining each meeting. 

6. Address questions by raising your hand. Wait for the teacher to acknowledge you by name and invite you to unmute your mic.  

7. Students’ videos should be on the entire meeting. This allows the teacher to see students, in order to both monitor engagement and check for signs of questions or concerns. 

8. Given that students will be participating in classes as HCS students (whether virtual or inperson), it would be best practice for students to abide by the school dress code during all meetings.

9. Practice good digital citizenship always. Use the THINK model when constructing any response online (whether verbal or video presentation): a. True – all content should be true to the best of the student's knowledge. b. Helpful – all responses should be helpful for the good of all in the class. c. Inspiring – all responses should seek to inspire others. d. Necessary – all responses should apply to the problem/topic in question. e. Kind – all responses should speak kindness to all in the class.

10.  Only attend teacher-led virtual sessions. Only attend virtual meetings announced and initiated by a HCS teacher. 



 Check out SPANISH TEAMS for your students, each team has a channel for Zoom meeting info and Back to School Video (and for the middle school, the online learning guidlines).







****See below for fun, exciting learning resources.****


Here are a few great resouces to use while at home, the first two have easy to use apps for devices:



Let's do this!




If you are a K, 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade student that currently has Spanish,

you should be in a grade level vitural learning TEAM.  If you are not, please contact me ASAP.




Virtual Emergency Lesson Plans


Forget how to log on, check out the video below.





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