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Welcome to Miss Chowns Fifth Grade



 Dear Parents and Students, 

      During this drastic change in our student's educational journey, it is imperative for us to work together now more than ever. I am here to help you in any way that you need while we are on this journey together. My job nor the student's job stops  just because we are not in the regular educational classroom. The world has changed for everyone and we are going to do our best to change with it. Our children's education is riding on us working together. I am here to make your life and your students learning experience exciting, that is the job I signed up for and I am going to do my best to continue it during this unconventional time.



   Attatched below are: Zoom meeting ID and password as well as a daily virtual schedule, my email in the case that you need to contact me or another fifth grade teacher, as well as fifth grade class dojo information. 


Noted information: You will have ELA and Math zoom class Monday-Friday. You will only have Social Studies/Science Monday-Thursday. Friday will be office hours and the students will test on google classroom. 


Zoom information: 

   Miss Chowns: Monday-Thursday from 1:30-2:30

   Meeting ID: 208 642 1181

   Password: Chowns407



Daily Virtual Schdeule 


Class Dojo Information: 

 If you are not contected to our fifth grade class dojo, please email a teacher form below and allow us to add you to it! This is our main form of communication for parents. 



Fifth Grade Teacher's Emails:



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Thank you so much for entrusting your children's education with me. I am so excited to be on this journey with them and am able to help them grow and learn in a safe environment.

 Miss Chowns