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During this time, our community is experiencing a lot of uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety about why they aren't at school or work, why there is a lack of groceries in the store, and why we are limited to staying at home. For adults, this is completely new and uncharted territory, but take a minute to imagine what your student is experiencing. It's scary and hard to comprehend the questions "Why is this happening?" and "What is going on?". 



Below you will find both a COVID-19 Resource Packet and a social narative to help explain to your student what COVID-19 is, ways to keep you and your family safe, and how to cope with what they can control. There are videos, stories, lessons, and more to educate both students and adults during this difficult time. Take a deep breath and remember that by working together our Jaguar Family will get through this!



If your student would like to speak with me or ask me questions in regards to COVID-19 or for any other reason, please email me and we will set up a time for me to call you and your student. I am also available via email for your student to tell me what they have learned and how they will help their family stay safe!




  • Please click here to read the social narative called "What is the Coronavirus" by Amanda McGuinness.  
  • Please click here to read "The Invisible String". After following along with the story, enjoy an activity to work through some of the struggles you are facing right now while we are away from school. 



What I Can Control