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A Letter from Your School Counselor




Dear Families: 


Welcome to a new and exciting school year!  My name is Jeannie Vicari and I am the school counselor at Juban Parc Elementary. This is my second year being a part of the Jaguar family and I love every moment of it!  As the school counselor, I am here to work with you and your child so that he/she may not only achieve academic success, but also positive, social, and emotional growth in and out of the classroom.  My goal is to help form a supportive and positive environment that is conducive to both learning and success.


I work with students individually, in small group counseling, and/or in their classrooms for guidance lessons. There are multiple reasons why a student may visit their school counselor.  Some of the most common reasons include: personal concerns, concerns with friends, academic help/support, concerns with teachers, family concerns, or just to check-in and say, “Hello.” 


For individual counseling, students are referred by teachers, parents, or by self-referrals.  In my office, students can talk freely about any of their worries or concerns. During this time, I will also be offering virtual counseling for those who are choosing to be a part of our JPE Virtual Learning Program, or if we are to enter in to Phase 1. If you would like for me to meet with your child, you may email or call me. 


If your child is invited to participate in support and/or skill-building small groups, I will send home a separate permission slip with further explanation of what the group topic is and the goals of the group.  Small group counseling is beneficial for allowing a group of students to help process and support one another when dealing with specific concerns. Parents have the option of allowing their child to participate or to decline participation.  A student also always has the option of declining participation once he/she has already begun the group. 


For classroom guidance, I will be meeting with all grade levels once a month to go over common topics such as friendship skills, bullying prevention, school readiness, impulse control, managing feelings, and more! 


My goal is to keep students in class as much as possible, but sometimes students may be in the counseling office for periods of time that conflict with their classes.  Students will be responsible for making up work missed during counseling at the teacher and/or administration’s discretion.


Change is inevitable and this past year our community experienced a change we could have never predicted. However, the JPE community conquered through it with love, patience, and determination. Moving forward I want to encourage all to remember that JPE is here for you and your family. We love you and we cherish you. We will get through this together!

I am looking forward to another fantastic school year!  I am truly delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and our Juban Parc Elementary students.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.



Ms. Vicari 

JPE, School Counselor  


Contact Information: 


Work Phone: 225.665.4079