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Micah 6:8--do goodness...walk humbly with your God.


"Strenghthening Spirits, Minds, and Bodies through the teachings of Jesus Christ"


***How to: use in class discussion questions as a study guide.***

1. Read over the questions and answers. 

2. Look back at the text for specific details and evidence for each question. 

3. You may even want to mark these specific details and evidence with post-its (write the number of the discussion question, and how it relates).

4. By the end of the studying time you should know the details as well as the more general ideas/themes.

5. Retell the story by listing events and characters, or by writing a summary


***How to write a reading response***

Step 1: What did you read?

EX: Book, chapter, page

Step 2: What happened in the text?

EX: Describe an important event , explain a problem, tell what a character thought or felt

Step 3: What did you think?

EX: Can you relate, infer, predict, visualize