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Hello Friends!

   My name is Ms. Chiarulli and I will be your child’s teacher.  We are going to have a GREAT school year! We are going to have so much fun learning new things, activities, and concepts to master.  I look forward sharing all of these exciting experiences with each and every one of you!

    I thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to be your child’s teacher.  I promise to give my very all to teach, inspire, motivate, and encourage your child.  With that being said, we need to work together as a team!  “It's a parents enthusiasm, support and involvement that inspire children to do their best; and a teacher's ability to teach what they need to learn. Together we can achieve wonderful things.”

   Just to give you a sense of what both you and your child can expect from me this year, I’d like to tell you a “MonSTAR” bit about our classroom and, very briefly, explain my philosophy of teaching.

    During the first few weeks of school, I plan on setting aside a significant amount of time so that I can get to know each child better. Every student is unique and has different interests and learning styles. I want to ensure that I spend an adequate amount of time learning about all of my students and having them learn about me and my expectations. My goal is for our classroom to be a community of learners based on mutual respect for all individual differences. I want you, and your child, to know that our (not my) classroom is a safe environment where students are encouraged to share, learn from one another, and learn from me and the paraprofessionals—just as WE will learn from them.  During the year, students will learn to each of his/her abilities through working on their individual goals.  They will also make relationships, learn social and life skills, and learn to become independent individuals through their learning and growing.  

    Please contact me at anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns by e-mailing me at   Your child will also have a communication book in which I urge you to write in.  This book can be used to write information or concerns you have about your child daily. 

    Thank you for your commitment to your child's education and success and I look forward to getting to know you and your child this year! 


Ms. Chiarulli



** Please refer to the VIRTUAL tab (to the right) if your child should go virtual! This link will show you your child's schedule and links/activities to share/do with your child while at home, in addition to, the packets I sent home.  I will also share a link to go on, if able to, for your child to interact within our classroom during the school day.