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Welcome to Wellness!


Cristina Mikijanic M.Ed.


Wellness Faculty



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I am so happy that we will be working together this year. This year is going to be different from others, and I am looking forward to forging a path with each and every one of you.


You can find the Zoom Expectations for class here.


The links to the virtual classrooms can be found in Resources.



Missing Work?


Please see OnCourse - the assignment will be coded in RED.



Looking to improve or enhance your wellness?

Try Mindfulness Exercises!


Looking for ways to get outside while remaining socially distant?

1. Explore Washington Crossing Park.

2. Play Frisbee Golf at Tyler State Park.

3. Bike the Pennington-Lawrence Trail.

4. Go tubing on the Delaware River.

5. Run/Bike the Tow Path.