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Welcome to Wellness!


Cristina Mikijanic M.Ed. CHES


Wellness Faculty


Info for Freshman:

I am so excited to get to know you!

You will need the following things to start the year with for PE:

1. Appropriate Athletic Attire (please no crop tops or shorty shorts, t-shirts with inappropriate slogans or pictures, cargo shorts, or chino shorts).

2. Socks and Sneakers (preferably an athletic sneaker more supportive than converse or vans).

3. Deodorant (no one wants to be the stinky kid).

4. A lock for your PE locker (one will not be provided for you).


Looking to improve or enhance your wellness?

Try Mindfulness Exercises!


Looking for something to do?

1. Explore Washington Crossing Park.

2. Play Frisbee Golf at Tyler State Park.

3. Bike the Pennington-Lawrence Trail.

4. Go tubing on the Delaware River.

5. Run/Bike the Tow Path.

6. Throw Hatchets at Stumpy's in Princeton.

7. Visit Howell's Living History Farm.

8. Check the internet for other events happening near you!


Missing Work?

Please see the Resources in OnCourse.


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