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Earth Day 

Ms. Mendez and Ms. Cardoso

Pre-K 3 Immersion/Bilingual


Brunilda Mendez (Teacher)

Cheila Cardoso (Teacher Assistant)

Room 153






  • Please check your child's blue folder daily and return to school.
  • Always have a change of clothes in school in case of accidents.
  • If there is any change in who can pick up your child, please let the office know for your child's safety.
  • Blankets for nap time can be brought on a weekly basis and taken home for washing.





Academic Information



Unit of Study: Spring






1.Use vocabulary and language appropriately in connection with Spring:season, weather,flowers, plants, garden, bloom, grow, rainbow,rain, raincoat, rain boots, umbrella, etc.

2.Observe and describe living and non-living things


3. Discuss the importance of exercise.

4. Encourage the students to say their first and last name, and age.



04/8/2019-04/29/2019-Bilingual (Spanish and English)


  • Language Art:


Letter recognition/formation: Zz, Uu, Ee.

Identify words that begin with: Zz, Uu, Ee.

Identify begining letter sound of things connected with Spring.

Identify book characters, settings and events.

Begin to identify author's books and styles: Eric Carles

Use pictures to tell or retell books.
Draw to tell about a book.

Write their names.


  • Mathematics:


Count verbally up to 10 or more.


Identify numbers and corresponding objects up to 5 (or more).


Sort objects by color, shape and size, and properties.


Create and discuss graphs in connection with themes.

Review concept of position and direction: up and down.














A.P. Morris Early Childhood Center


143 Coe Avenue


Hillside, New Jersey 07205