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Queridos Padres y Guardianes:


My name is Walleska Handal and I will be your child's Spanish teacher at Dr. Joyanne Miller Elementary School during the 2019-20 school year. 


I am excited to have the opportunity to work with your child as he/she learns a new language and has a new cultural experience. The class will be fun and challenging and students are expected to participate, complete asignments, always try his/her best and follow the rules and procedures of my class.


The primary focus of the class is to develop the ability to understand and speak in Spanish with vocabulary used in basic daily situations.

The BIG GOAL for all students is to be able to master the vocabulary and use it.


Throughout my years of teaching, I have been committed to the importance of parental involvement in a student's education. I firmly believe that your child receives the best education possible when you and I work together as a team. My expectations for your child in my class will be discussed in the beginning of the school year and reinforced throughout the entire year.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or 609-407-2500 vm 5268; I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year. Thank you for your support.



Señora Handal


Classroom Rules:

the 5 P's


1. Be Prompt.


2. Be Prepared.


3. Be Positive.


4. Be Productive.


5. Be Polite.


Class Materials for 4th and 5th grades:

Bring all your materials to every class


* a two pocket plastic folder

* pencil and eraser

* a highlighter

* a dry erase marker 



Lista de los materiales para la clase de Hispanohablantes:

Trae todos tus materiales a cada clase


* un cuaderno (Composition)         

* un folder plástico con bolsillos

un tubo de pegamento 

* lápiz y borrador

* un resaltador                               

* marcador seco Expo


Nota Importante para los Padres de los alumnos Hispanohablantes:



A partir de este año para ver las calificaciones de sus hijos, debe dirigirse al Portal para Padres. No se enviaran impresas al hogar. Para más información visite la página de Recursos para Padres de EHT ubicada en la pagina web del distrito o presione aquí:



Grading Policy for All Students:

Each student will be graded based on:


O: Outstanding (always)

S: Satisfactory (usually)

N: Needs Improvement (rarely)