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Hello There!


My name is Ms. Nugent and welcome to 6th Grade Science!


Unit 1: Earth's Processes that shape the Earth

Unit2: Forces: Magnitism & Electricity

Unite 3: Life Science






Grading Policy:


Projects/Labs                                      30%


Tests/Quizzes                                     25%


Classwork/Participation                       20%


Scientific Writing/Guided Reading      15%


Homework                                           10%







There will be Homework EVERY M-TH (on full weeks). The vocab choice board is a callection of 14 different vocabulary exercises. Students are to choose 2 per night, and complete the activity in the square they chose for each vocab word that week. This homework is designed for students to learn the vocab words, which will help them learn the content. 8 vocabulary squares will be due every Friday.

Make-Up Work is required for all work missed due to absence. Students are responsible for locating and completing the work in the alotted time (usually 1 day per day out).

Please feel to contact me with any questions/concerns! I look forward to hearing from & working with you!!!


My contact info is:


ph: 856-935-2700 x:2324




Thank You & I Look Foraward to an Amazing Year of 6th Grade Science!!!

-Ms. Nugent