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Syllabus for Honors and CP Biology




Ms. Felicitas Ross

Room 105, 104




Course Description

Biology will use inquiry methods and Socratic questioning, small group discussion, and modeling to enhance student achievement in science.  Students will learn materials, chemical reactions, thermodynamics and mathematical and analytical techniques.  The honors and academic biology courses are similar in content, however the honors courses will be more rigorous and move at a more rapid pace than the academic classes.  


Topics include, but are not limited to: structure of theMatter and Energy Transformations in an Ecosystem, DNA, RNA, Central Dogma, Cell Specialization and Homeostasis, Natural Selection and Evolutiony.


Class Expectations

You will be expected to adhere to all rules stated in the Kingsway Student Handbook (available on the Kingsway website).  In addition, please keep these expectations in mind:

  • Come to class prepared to learn.  Remember a notebook, notes, a pen/pencil, your calculator and all work.  You will not be permitted to go back to your locker to get items you forgot.
  • Treat all students with the same (if not more) respect than you expect for yourself.  Insults and disparaging language will never be tolerated.



Grading Policy:

50% Primary: Exams, CSAs, 

40%  Secondary

10% Supportive Work: These are assignments that are meant to assist you as you work to master the content and skills of the course.





Scale                                    100-92: A            91-83: B               82-74: C               73-65: D               64-0: F



Retake Policy:

Please refer to DIstrict Web Site for new Retake Policy. Please note - I require students to attend SMART lunch (I am available L2 every C day) at least once before any retake may be scheduled. For more information on the reassessment policy, please visit:


Teacher Websites/Google Classroom

All teachers maintain websites that are accessible through the Kingsway homepage. Each website will differ, but you may access resources like class presentations, worksheets, additional practice, answer keys, study guides, lab report templates, and links to helpful websites on these websites.  Additionally, teachers may maintain a Google classroom to organize classroom activities and announcements.  Students will be expected to enroll in the classroom at the teacher’s direction and directions will be given in class.



Ross CP Biology P2: 6xmcrjg

Ross CP Biology P6: rxfh3aa

Ross CP Biology P7: b33zakw

Ross CP Biology P9: 3hzjoa7

Ross Honors Biology P4: osm443t



Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are not allowed in the chemistry classroom as they serve as a distraction for students during discussion sessions and can promote violations of academic integrity.  Therefore, students who are seen to use cell phones or other electronic devices in an unauthorized fashion during class will find themselves subject to disciplinary action by their teachers, not limited to: verbal warnings, phone calls home, teacher detentions, etc.  Please keep electronic devices away and refrain from texting during class.



Of course, we do recognize that texting is a predominant form of communication outside the classroom.  Remind is a program used by teachers to mass message their students in a one-sided fashion.  Chemistry teachers use this service to warn students about upcoming exams or assignments, to dress for labs, or other important messages.  Parents can sign up to receive Remind messages, as well.  Remind is a free service, however since it is a text messaging service, texting rates will apply based on your phone plan.  If this is a problem, you may also sign up to receive these updates by e-mail instead of by text.  Instructions for how to sign up for Remind will be provided by the classroom teacher.


Laboratory Procedure

Lab safety is the utmost concern of the science teachers at Kingsway.  Students who are not dressed appropriately for lab (goggles, long, non-dangling sleeves and long pants, closed toed shoes and tied back hair) or who are deemed by the lab instructor as behaving in an unsafe fashion will be removed from lab immediately.  There is ZERO TOLERANCE for inappropriate lab behavior.  Students removed from lab will receive a zero for the lab and any assignments associated with the lab and will have a report sent home to a parent.  On a second offense, students will additionally receive a detention and further disciplinary action will follow. Repeated failure to wear goggles over your eyes results in immediate ejection from lab.


Breaking Lab Equipment

Mistakes happen, but mistakes cost money.  Students may be fined for broken lab equipment exceeding $5.00 total by the end of the year as a school obligation.  Breaking lab equipment or mishandling lab equipment can result in additional disciplinary action.  Exercise caution and awareness in the lab at all times.  There will be an additional lab safety contract that will need to be signed before students are permitted to work in the lab.


Food and Drink

For safety reasons, no food or drink are permitted in the lab. Often, food or drink will also be restricted from the classroom.


Academic Dishonesty

All instances of cheating (directly copying another student’s work) or attempts at cheating (requesting answers from another student) will be reported to parents, guidance counselors and the appropriate vice principal as well as resulting in a ZERO for all participants on the assignment or assessment (any zero received on an assessment due to cheating will not be able to be made up or retaken).


Extra Help

Extra help can be obtained on C days during the SMART Lunch period or by appointment with the teacher. Keep in mind, that there are several biology teachers who will be teaching the same material—please feel free to use any of the teachers listed for help or advice.


Use of Media Centers

Students should utilize the media centers to print materials, including replacement packets and lab reports. Students SHOULD NOT come to class with a lab report on a flash drive or email account and ask the teacher to print it. If you do not have a paper copy when you enter the classroom, your work is late.