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Hello! My name is Ms. Falvey. 
I teach Academic English I during periods 1 & 4 in room 411, and I co-teach Academic English I in room 403 with Mrs. Ottinger during periods 2, 7, 8 & 9 at Kingsway Regional High School.  Provided below is the syllabus for periods 1 and 4, and to the left-hand side, Mrs. Ottinger's website, some helpful English Language Arts links, and a homework/important events calendar are provided as well.  Please note that Google Classroom is the most up-to-date place to go for upcoming assignments. 








Freshman English

Ms. Falvey Room 411

2018-2019 School Year

How to reach me:


Phone: (856)-467-3300 x1539

Google Classroom code: Period 1: t7p8vpb / Period 4: ymp2ag


Welcome to 9th grade English!


I am looking forward to an exciting year of connecting, creating, and collaborating with each and every one of you! In order to form a productive classroom with a positive environment that maximizes our learning, there are a few things you must know first, like what you will need to bring to class on a daily basis, how you will be graded, and what to do in the case of an absence.




                          Here’s what you’ll need:

    • A binder or folder

    • Lined paper

    • A writing utensil

    • A positive attitude

    • Active participation

    • Maximum effort



                  Grading breakdown


Primary: 50%

  •       Tests/major projects/any assignment that demonstrates extended learning


      Secondary: 40%

  • Quizzes/checkpoint assignments


      Supportive: 10%

  • Classwork/homework

What to expect:

  • The implementation of helpful reading and writing strategies

  • Group work, independent work, and collaborative class activities/discussions



Frequently Asked Questions


What if i’m absent?

  • Visit the “Make-Up Work” log in our classroom when you arrive to class the next day you are present.


What if I submit an assignment late?

  • Late assignments are not accepted; However, each student will receive one ‘late work’ pass per quarter (4 total) that allows them a one day extension for any assignment without penalty.


What if i plagiarize a submission?

  • You will receive a zero on the assignment due to the English department’s strict zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.


What if i need help?

  • Email me, schedule an appointment with me during L1 on B days, and/or ask about the NHS peer tutoring that is offered at our school!


Can I use my cell phone in class?

  • Unless otherwise instructed, cell phones must be away at all times in Ms. Falvey’s classroom.