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Welcome to Math 7!



Class Expectations:

1. Respect Yourself, and others.

2. Come prepared to learn.

3. Be on time, and with the appropriate materials.

4. Ask questions, and try your best.


Materials Needed for Class:

1. Pencil and Eraser

2. Binder or Folder

3. Composition book 

* Students may wish to use their own calculator.


Grading Policy:

Primary Assessments- 50%

(Test and Porjects)

 Secondary Assessments- 40%

 (Quizzes, Preformance Tasks)

 Supportive Assessments-10%

(Classwork, Homework, Journals)





Class Content




Marking period One:


Operations with Integers & Rational Numbers, Expressions/Equations


Marking Period Two:


Expressions/Equations, Inequalities


Marking Period Three: Ratios, Proportions and Scale Drawings, Percent


Marking Period Four: Percent, Stats/Probability Two-Dimensional Geometry




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