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Goal- To provide students with the knowledge to live a healthy and postive life.


Grading- 100% participation and preparednes! Wearing appropiate gym attire includes athletic shorts, shirts and sneakers. When it is cold sweatshirts and sweatpants. No jewelry.   5 Points are taken off if a student does not change for class. Points can also be taken off for behavior issues.


Lockers- All students are able to have a locker to keep their clothes in for class. They will need to purchase a lock.


Health Grading- 70% test/quizzes/ projects

                                 30% class work/ class participation




High School Freshman/ JV Girls Lacrosse Coach

Fernwood Field Hockey Coach

 Students must hand in a physical to the nurse before they are allowed to tryout/ practice for field hockey. All players must have a stick, mouthguard, shin guards, goggles, sneakers and cleats to play. Please ask any questions you many have.