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Choir Uniforms: 

The purchase of a uniform is also required. Please see the table below for details and prices. If uniform payment cannot be arranged before the deadline above, the submission of a note from a parent or guardian stating when and how (example: “We will be paying for ____(student name)____’s uniform in installments of [ ___ ] for [ ___ ] weeks).” BY THE SAME DEADLINE is acceptable.
Choir Shirt – Purchased from Director for $10 (only if you did not purchase one last school year) with jeans or slacks, as instructed by choir director
Formal Uniform – Purchased from Director (some additional charges may apply for extended sizes)-$25 for a Black Polo-style shirt to be worn by both male and female members
Ladies: long black dress pants (no jeans or leggings)
Men: long black dress pants
Students must provide the following:
Black belt (if pants have loops)
Black calf-length socks or stockings
Black closed-toe, DRESS SHOES with no more than a 2” heel (for safety reasons)-Flats are acceptable for Ladies
In addition to the choir shirt, choir members must provide and wear uniform parts as listed in the chart above for formal concerts. Students are required to wear conservative hair and makeup and avoid wearing perfume during performances, but are encouraged to wear deodorant.
Students participating in the Walker High School Advanced Choir need to purchase the formal uniform for $25. This fee (or a note from the parent stating how and when the fee will be paid) is due by Monday October 1, 2018. Both the choir shirt and formal uniform are a one-time purchase and can be worn each year as long as they fit properly and are in good condition.
*****Grandfather Clause-If a student purchased the $60 formal uniform in a previous year, they will have at least one opportunity to wear it this year but the $25 Polo fee still must be paid in order to participate. This will be our outfit for District Festival in the Spring.
All uniform items, especially shoes, are subject to approval by the director for the sake of student safety and choir performance professionalism. Students who fail to adhere to the dress code will not be allowed to perform and overall performance grade will be affected according to the performance rubric included in this handbook.
Uniform Checklist:
A student’s choir uniform must meet the following criteria in order for the student to perform. Students may receive a zero for a portion of their performance grade if the uniform does not meet the requirements. Performance grades are worth 40% of the final average.

  • Choir shirt tucked into slacks
  • Pants and skirts hemmed to the top of the foot, not touching the floor
  • NO jewelry or large belt buckles, with the exception of non-sparkly, stud earrings
  • Black socks (or stockings) that reach at least to the calf
  • Black dress shoes (or flats) (closed heel, closed toe, 2” or less), clean and not worn out
  • Conservative hairstyles that do not draw extra attention
  • NO perfume or cologne; but yes, definitely use deodorant
  • All attire neat and free of wrinkles