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Hello! Welcome to my website. Here you will find different resources to help

your child at home with the skills we are learning in the classroom. 


2T Specials Schedule:

Monday - Library & Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - Gym & Technology

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Spanish


Students need to wear sneakers on the days that we have gym!



School Day

     The schedule for a full day is from 8:35 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.  Morning arrival is behind the school, on the sidewalk near the ramp. Dismissal is from the doors at the Main Entrance to the school at 3:25 p.m. On rainy days, there will be signs telling you we are lining up in the APR. When I bring the class out to the front steps at dismissal, I will have your son/daughter tell me they see the person picking them up. Please give me a quick wave so I can begin to recognize each student's pick up person (mom, dad, grandparent, etc.). This procedure will take a little bit longer at the beginning of the year.


The schedule for a half day is from 8:35 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.  Students will be dismissed out the same front doors.


If your child will be going home with someone other than the person I know, please send me a note that morning letting me know who that person will be. If you forget to do this,  just call the main office and they will be able to let me know. 





     Students will eat snack each day. Please pack your child's snack in a separate container than his or her lunch so I know what you want them to eat. Students should bring healthy, nourishing food plus a drink for snack.


     Children should also bring a water bottle labeled with their name each day. They can keep these in the back of the room in case they get thirsty. We do not have a water fountain in the classroom.


Take Home Binders

Students will bring home a binder every night. This folder needs to be returned every morning with your child. You can use this as a way of communicating anything with me, such as a change in your child's pick-up routine for the day. 




We love celebrating birthdays at school! Students are welcome to bring in a treat to share with their classmates on their birthday. Please send napkins with the treat. Just let me know a day or two in advance that you will be sending in a treat.


Contact Me

You can contact me through my school email ([email protected]). I will check this throughout the day. You can also send a note in your child's take home folder, which I will check every morning. Another way to contact me throughout the day is through our ClassDojo. There are many ways to contact me and I encourage you to do so if you have any questions, concerns, or comments!



Reminder, if your child is going home with someone different, this note needs to be in the folder that morning. If you forget to send a note, please call the office and let Mrs. Hallahan know this so she can contact me.