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This progressive exercises page is a work-in-progress. I will be uploading more exercises as the class increases understanding.


IMPORTANT!!: In the exercises "keyboard reverse identification" below, use the music to find the correct note on the Keyboard. Note that C4 is Middle C. C3 is the octave below middle C.C5 is the octave above middle C.






1. C,D&E in the G Clef

   2. C,D,E,F,G in the G Clef
  3. F Clef C,D and E. 
  4. F Clef C,D,E,F, and G.
   5. C3 to G4 
   6. G2-F5
  7. Keyboard Reverse Identificationvvv
  8. Keyboard Reverse Idenification (2) 
  9. Keyboard Reverse Identification (3)



For additional sightreading exercises, click this link to be taken to