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 Honors Chemistry Powerpoint Lecture Notes


Chapter 1    Matter and Change    Chpt 1 PPT.ppt

Chapter 2    Measurements and Calculations   mc_ch02.ppt

Chapter 3    Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter   mc_ch03.ppt

Chapter 4    Arrangement of electrons in Atoms   mc_ch04.ppt

Chapter 5    The Periodic Law   mc_ch05.ppt

Chapter 6    Chemical Bonding   mc_ch06.ppt

Chapter 7    Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds   mc_ch07.ppt

Chapter 8    Chemical Equations and Reactions   mc_ch08.ppt

Chapter 9    Stoichiometry   mc_ch09.ppt

Chapter 10  States of Matter   mc_ch10.ppt

Chapter 11  Gases   mc_ch11.ppt

Chapter 12  Solutions   mc_ch12.ppt

Chapter 13  Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligative Properties   mc_ch13.ppt

Chapter 14  Acids and Bases   mc_ch14.ppt

Chapter 15  Acid-Base Titration and pH   mc_ch15.ppt

Chapter 16  Reaction Energy   mc_ch16.ppt

Chapter 17  Reaction Kinetics   mc_ch17.ppt

Chapter 18  Chemical Equilibrium    mc_ch18.ppt 

Chapter 19  Oxidation-Reduction Reactions   mc_ch19.ppt

Chapter 20  Electrochemistry   mc_ch20.ppt

Chapter 21  Nuclear Chemistry   mc_ch21.ppt

Chapter 22  Organic Chemistry   mc_ch22_stp.ppt



                   Honors Chemistry Handouts


       Chapter 1 Matter and Change

       Chapter 2 Measurement and Calculation

       Chapter 3 The Atom


       Chapter 7 Nomenclature

     Nomenclature Practice Test 2012 A Key.PDF    

     Nomenclature Practice Test 2012 A.pdf  

     Nomenclature Practice Test 2012 B.PDF 

     Nomenclature Practice Test 2013 A.pdf



       Chapter 7 The Mole


       Chapter 8 Chemical Reactions

 Chemical Reactions Practice Test Keys.PDF 

Chapter 8 Review Kahoot


      Chapter 9 Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry Practice Test 2009 Key.PDF 

Stoichiometry Practice Test 2009.PDF 



Practice Test #2 Key - 2012 A.PDF 

Practice Test #3 Key - 2012 B.PDF 

Chapter 9 Review Kahoot


     Chapter 12 Solutions

Solutions and Net Ionics Review.doc 

Solutions and Net Ionics Review Key.doc 


    Chapter 5 Periodic Law

Chapter 5 - Lecture Outline - Winter Break Assignment.doc 


   Chapter 4 Arrangements of Electrons in Atoms

 Chapter 4 Physics - The Arrangement of Electrons.ppt 

 Assigning Charges.docx 

 CH4.Quantum number Test Format.doc 


 Chapter 6 Chemical Bonding

Bonding CH 6.pptx      


   Chapter 10 States of Matter

 HN CH 10 Lecture Outline Key 2014.pdf

 Solids Liquids and Gases.ppt  


 Chapter 11 Gases

 Gas Laws Test 2010 - Version 2.docx 

 Gas Laws Practice Test - 2010 V.2 - Key.PDF 

 Gas Law Test 2015 B.pdf 

 Gas Laws Test - 2015 B - Key.PDF 

 Gas Law Stations Full.doc  

 Gas Laws Practice.doc 

 Gas Laws Practice Key 2017.pdf 


Chapter 13 Colligative Properties

Colligative Property Stations.pptx 

Colligative Property Stations Answers.pptx  


Chapter 14 & 15 Acids/Bases/pH/Titrations

 Acid-BaseTEST STUDY GUIDE 2013.doc 

 Acid Base Study Guide Key.pdf 

Acid, Base, pH Test Review Stations.pdf 

Acid, Base, pH Test Review Key.PDF 

Acid Base Review Stations.ppt 

Acid Base Review Stations Answers.ppt 

 pH Quiz 2019 Practice Quiz.doc 

 pH Quiz 2019 Practice Quiz Answers.doc


Chapter 18 Chemical Equilibrium

Equilibrium CH 18 Study Guide.doc 

Equilibrium Study Guide Key.pdf 


Chapter 16 Chemical Energy

Thermo Practice Test 2010.PDF 

HN Thermo Practice Test 2010 Key.docx 

Cp Metal Lab.doc 

Hess's Law Worksheet - Key.PDF

Thermodynamics Mixed Problems.docx 

 Thermodynamics Mixed Problems Answers.docx   


Benchmark Review MP4

Cumulative Test Review 2017.pdf 

Cumulative Test Review Key.pdf 


Benchmark Review MP1 Game


Benchmark Review MP2 Game


Benchmark Reviw MP3 Game


Benchmark Review MP4 Game