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4th Grade Supplies



5 composition books (yellow, blue, black, purple, and green, if possible)

5  plastic pocket folders (yellow, blue, black, purple, and green, if possible)

2 dozen sharpened pencils

2 dozen eraser caps

one 12-pack colored pencils

4 large glue sticks

2 rolls scotch tape

2 packages of 3x3 lined post-it notes

2 highlighters

1 pair scissors

one 4-pack dry erase markers

2 boxes of tissues

1 zip pencil case

1 pair of earbuds (in Ziplock baggie labeled with student's first and last name)



1 black and white composition notebook



one 3-ring binder (2 inches)

1 box of sharpened pencils

1 pack of cap erasers

1 plastic folder (any color or design)



1 blue plastic folder

1 pack of 3 x 5 index cards