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           8:30-8:50            Arrival

         8:50-9:05            Homeroom/Morning Meeting

         9:05-9:40            *Science/Social Studies

         9:40-10:10           Extensions (More information to follow)

         10:15-10:45          English/Language Arts

         10:45-11:45          Math

         11:45-12:10          Recess

         12:10-12:35          Lunch

         12:35-1:45           **Specials

         1:45-2:30             Reading

         2:30-3:15             Writing

         3:15                   Dismissal




*Science/Social Studies: I will be teaching science and Ms. Black (Room 25) will be teaching social studies. Students will start the year in their homerooms. I will teach Unit 1 of science to our homeroom everyday and Ms. Black will teach Unit 1 of social studies to her homeroom everyday. As soon as we are done teaching Unit 1, our classes will switch in that I will be teaching Ms. Black's class Unit 1 of science and Ms. Black will be teaching our class Unit 1 of social studies. We will continue alternating this way, unit by unit, throughout the year.


**Specials: The six fourth grade classes will be mixed up and divided into eight teams for specials. More information to follow about student assignments.