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Our Classroom Rules


We will brainstorm a list of guidelines as a class at the beginning of the school year. It is important to us to gain student input so that all learners feel invested in maintaining a safe and positive classroom environment.




Each student will receive an agenda in which to record homework assignments. We will write the homework on a dry-erase chart in the front of the classroom. At the beginning of each school day, students will be asked to copy down the homework in their agendas. A teacher will check and initial agendas to ensure everything is written correctly. Please have your child bring his/her homework agenda to school everyday.




Students will typically receive one sheet of math homework on Monday - Thursday, due the following day. Homework problems will help to reinforce information learned that day in class, as well as during previous lessons. Students typically will not be assigned the whole sheet of homework, but rather specific problems to practice key skills. Homework should be completed in pencil and should have the student's name and date on the top of the page. 




The expectation is for all fourth graders to read for 30 minutes at a time, 20 times a month. The length and frequency of reading time is to help students build stamina, and improve fluency and comprehension. It is recommended that students read 5 days a week (any of the seven days) for 4 weeks in order to achieve this monthly goal. However, students may choose whichever 20 days in the month they would like to read, even if this does not exactly work out to be 5 days a week.


Your child will keep a reading log in his/her yellow take-home folder to help track this reading progress. Please have your child fill out this reading log for every 30 minute reading session and return to school the next day. Please write your initials in the corresponding box on the reading log.


In order to receive full credit (a grade of 100%) on each log, students must have completed all of the boxes on the log: daily reading amount with parent initials, weekly reading totals, monthly reading total, student signature, parent signature AND daily typing amounts with parent initials (see below for more information about the typing component).




Students are also expected to complete 15 minute long typing sessions for homework, 8 times a month. It is recommeded that students complete typing 2 times a week for 4 weeks in order to space out the typing; however, just as with the reading component, students may choose which 8 days they would like to type, even if these days happen to be spaced closer together. Students will record their typing progress on the same reading log mentioned in the section above. Please have your child fill out the log for every 15 minute typing session and return to school the next day so teachers can monitor this activity throughout the month. Please also write your initials in the corresponding boxes on the log.





Students may periodically receive reading response or writing assignments to complete at home. Expectations for these assignments will mirror expectations for in-class responses in terms of organization and content. These guidelines will be modeled in class and will be made available in a checklist (to follow). The most important guideline is for students to do their best work; we do not expect for work to be error-free. Please have your child read his/her work back to you as a way of checking how his/her response sounds. These assignments can be handwritten or typed in a Google Doc.



Students may also receive grammar assignments throughout the year to complete at home. More information to follow.