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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!


I am looking forward to the chance to work with and get to know all of you. Reading and writing have been my passions since I was young, so I am very excited to have meaningful class discussions around literature, and to seeing all of you improve in both your writing abilities and expression of ideas. 


I believe that learning can be a fascinating adventure.  It is very important to me that learning activities be challenging but also allow for creativity and enjoyment.  When you challenge yourself, you can accomplish amazing things. 


I attended the College of New Jersey and received a Bachelor's in English and Secondary Education. 


My schedule:


Period 1     English 11 College Prep

Period 2     English 11 College Prep

Period 3     Prep

Period 4A   English 11 Honors

Period 6     English 11 College Prep

Period 7     English 11 College Prep


Bell Schedule this year:

Period 0            7:42-8:27

Period 1            8:30-9:15       

Period 2            9:19-10:04       

Period 3            10:08-10:53       

Period 4A          10:57-11:42       

Period 4B          11:31-12:16       

Period 5B          11:46-12:31       

Period 5C          12:20-1:05       

Period 6            1:09-1:54       

Period 7            1:58-2:50