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Curriculum Topics







Week of October 14h-18th



  • Picking "just right" reading books.
  • How do I make connections with my reading
  • -Text to Text, Text to Self, Text to World
  • How do I take notes while reading
  • Restate Questions
  • Finding Character Traits



  • How do I gather information? Coming up with an idea.
  • Adding detail to writing.
  • Stretch out sentences (Use "who, why, when, where, how) 


Science/Social Studies: 

  • Maps (What is on a map)
  • Understanding Map Key
  • Reading and understanding maps
  • What traits get passed down from organism to organism
  • How are organisms alike and different



  • Adding and subtracting three digit numbers
  • Understand place value. (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
  • Regrouping
  • Rounding two and three digit numbers