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If you have a printer, it would be best to print out the worksheets/instructions.  If you do not have a printer, the children may use plain paper to complete the activities. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. When assignments are finished please turn them into Google Classroom or email them to me.



Our Daily Plans


Please make sure to continue to check specials teachers' websites for their lessons as well.

Try a new hobby.





  1.  Read When Pigasso Met Mootisse on 


Track the words with your eyes as the story is being read by the storyteller!


Write about the problem in at least 2 sentences.  Make sure you use the characters’s names and fully explain the problem!


Then, explain the solution (how the problem was solved) in at least two sentences! 





Read a Raz-kids story and take the quiz.





iReady Multiplication Lesson 


  1. Create your own math game. Be ready to bring it in to share.

    See directions. Have fun! Due Friday, rough draft only.





  Keep a journal each day.  Be sure to record how you are feeling and what is happening.



  1. Play The Boy In the Drawer Sentence Game on


  1.  Extension of Activity #9 - Then, pick a book from your house and write descriptive sentences, based on the pictures.




This is the endangered animal project, pick an animal from the wwf endangered animal page and use the google doc below to guide your research. This is due in two weeks. Write the name of the animal you picked in the Google Classroom Science Question. Rough Draft of worksheet due MONDAY.



  Pick a city anywhere outside of North America.  Track the weather for Metuchen and your chosen city.  Record daily high and low temperatures, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed, and wind directions.  Continue tracking weather every day until our return to school. Compare and contrast using a Venn Diagram.


Look for biography on Wax Mueseum figure, either send me a link to the book or a picture of it.


Work on Science Fair Project

If you plan on participating in the science fair, but have not already submitted your science fair form to Mr. Nolde, please refer to Mr. Nolde's district website with updated instructions on how to do so.  Please do not begin working on your science fair project until it is approved by him. 





Additional Work:












March School Calendar:    

  March 2020 Family Calendar.pdf 



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