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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!


This site will provide you access to homework assignments and information about your class. Please use the tabs to the right to find your course information.


Please come to class on time and prepared:
Completed assignments/homework/test
No food or drink in class.





Homework: Period 1 & 2 due Tuesday
                 Period 3 & 4 due Wednesday
                 Period 5 & 6 due Thursday
There are times when an assignment (lab/project) will be due on a day other than your regular homework day.
You will have an opportunity to make up homework for partial credit up to 3 times.



Tests and quizzes are always posted on the large class calendar at the front of the room. It is your responsibility to always check this calendar and make up any test or quiz if you are absent.
You have the option to do "retakes" for any test or quiz but you need to schedule this with me and it needs to be done during a study hall or other allotted time. It will not be done during our instructional time.
Always look at your contracts. Your grade is not a surprise. Your average can be calculated by the grades you see on your contract.