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Coach David Morgan

Family background:

  Married to Lisa Morgan

  4 kids Kylie-Dianna-Chandler-Sophia 


Personal Background:


 I am the boy's basketball coach and P.E. teacher. I attended Northeast Louisiana University (ULM) and
completed my Bachelor's degree at LSUA. I am a dedicated coach and mentor to my students and look
forward to a great 2019/2020 season. I am a huge LSU fan and love basketball and football. My passion is

watching my kids reach their dreams. Dianna and Kylie are both freshman at Northwestern. Chandler will

be attending 9th grade at U.A.and I am looking forward to coaching him. My Sophia is my pride and joy and I

enjoy watching her play basketball, softball, and soccer. Lisa works at Endurance mortgage and loves her job.





Coach Morgan