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For those parents whose students continue to be eligible for special education and related services (students remaining classified from the Kiel preschool disabilities program):

  • Case managers at Kiel remain with preschool students continuing to require special education and related services in Kindergarten
  • For those students receiving related services (speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy), these will continue to be provided at Kiel
  • Case managers across the district are of superior quality.  They truly care about your child.  You can expect a continuation of a very positive and productive relationship with your case manager

For those parents whose students are not currently eligible for special education and related services and who begin experiencing difficulties:

  • Kiel has an Intervention and Referral Services (I& RS) Committee whose mission is to provide additional supports to students experiencing academic difficulties.  This committee draws on the expertise from members of the Child Study Team to help design interventions to support students
  • Should the I & RS process not yield satisfactory results, students may be referred for more intensive support service


The Department of Special Services provides pages within the district’s website with extensive information on the department and also includes informative articles and workshop opportunities for parents and students.


Case manager contact information at Kiel is:


            Mrs. Jaime Gabriele:  973-838-1418, ext. 1311

            Mrs. Stacy Kleinert:  973-838-1418, ext. 1211


The Director of the Department of Special Services is Ms. Cordé Reed.  She can be reached at 973-838-1418, ext. 5012