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Flexible Instruction - Physical Education

Dear Parents,


The content of this PE packet includes THE OPTION of a variety of activities that your child can participate in at home. The activities listed are minimal equipment and the students can choose what interests them. Be creative when you play. *Some of the listed activities require access to the internet.


  • Cosmic Kids Yoga - kid friendly YouTube Channel

  • Hand-eye coordination ie. throwing and catching, volleying, striking

  • Foot-eye coordination ie. kicking, dribbling

  • Fitness - Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility ie. jump rope, running, exercise workout

  • Free Choice - any physical activity that interests you or that you participate in.  ie dance, gymnastics, parkour, figure skating

Please complete/participate 25 minutes of activity 2x per week.

 G3-G5 only : After you have finished each session, please use the reflection log included. 

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Here are a few internet based ideas:


    • For any further updates, please check our PE website at:


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Thank you!

PE class schedule


Monday - Steenstra, Catalano, Boroweic, Tadros, Guiliano, O’Connor, Bruce


Tuesday - Quinn, West, Gennat, Melfi, Schectman, Toal, Arnold


Wednesday - McKenna, Steenstra, Wayne, Tadros, Schager, Catalano, Gardberg, Boroweic


Thursday - West, Melfi, Nash, Gennat, Schectman, Toal


Friday - Wayne, Nash, Guiliano, O’Connor, Schager, Bruce, Arnold, Gardberg


Reflection Questions


Name : ____________________________                   Date : __________________

List the activity and how long you participated.

What components of fitness did your activity focus on?

Describe how you felt before, during, and after your activity.