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Hello Preschool Parents,                                                                                                                      March 24, 2020


 I hope this email finds you all well.  If you go on the Kinnelon Public school website, you will find the section where the teacher websites are located in alphabetical order.

Once you find my website, please scroll to the Flexible Instruction label on the left of the first page.  Here, you will find the first week and subsequent weeks to follow with a calendar of activities for you and your child to engage in on each day.


In your child’s packet, you will find the calendar, the green dates and the month labels.  Please help your child set up the calendar using the scotch tape I mentioned in materials needed for this packet.  Let your child begin counting the days we have had in March so far, but let them tell you what the next number is.  We clap the days as the student points to each date.

Your child should be able to tell you the next number needed.  Please praise all work. If there is an error, instead of saying, “it’s wrong” tell them to, “try again.” After the number is taped on the calendar, have your child count out some objects in a cup, (marbles, cheerios,) etc..  They will know what to do.

 Ask your child, “What do you need?”  They will say one more and add one to the cup.


Next, proceed with the weather.  We sing a song:

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather like today?

Tell us______, tell us_______.

What’s the weather like today?


Have your child look out the window and chart on the sheet provided in the packet.


Then, either on the television, temperature app or other means, (thermometer). Tell your child the temperature and write it on the chart provided.  Have your child copy your writing and then put a line on the thermometer and have your child use a dry erase marker to color in the mercury section of the thermometer stopping at the temperature you write down.


Next, have your child report the weather:


Today’s weather is ________.


The temperature is________.


They know how to say temperature and degrees and how to make the degree symbol on the chart.


We will be working on video clips for you and your child to view to try to be as interactive as possible.

I am working on recording read-alouds and other vignettes so the students will feel connected.


Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.  The best thing we can do for each other and the children is to keep things as consistent as possible.  I understand that having more than one child at home will make remote learning more challenging.  For the first and second week, I would like to make the videos available to you to view at any time.  However, I would appreciate the videos viewed on a regular basis, not all at once.  If your child wants to hear a story again, show the same video more than one time.  This is new for me as well, so I appreciate your patience and hope the internet proves to be in top working order.


I will check in with you and your child regularly.  Please do not hesitate to email any time you need to.  I will do my best to return any emails by end of day at the latest.


I wish you all peace and good health,

Ms. Lorraine