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Weekly Take-Home Book Baggies


Objective:To reinforce an early love and interest in reading. To share  short reading  experiences with your child and your child with you.


Resource: Scholastic: Little Leveled Readers


Directions: Read the short story aloud with your child using your finger to point to the words as you read.  Show your child how the pictures help with understanding the story and label words to pictures. 

When your child is ready, allow them read the story to you. 

Have them use their finger to follow along.  They will begin to memorize the story after a few reads and this will reinforce sight word recognition.  Point out letters that are in your child's name.  Continue reading their favorite books as well. 




Students will receive their new baggies on each Monday.  Please be sure to keep the baggy in the back-pack to avoid getting lost.  


There will be a reading log for you to check off times read and to comment on your child's understanding, questions, predictions, and letter and word recognition.





Enjoy this special time with your child!