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Welcome to your child's first education experience.


Thank you for choosing Little Sprouts Preschool Program for your son or daughter's first academic and social learning experience.

This program provides an enriching, exciting, and safe environment for your child to foster new friendships, as well as develop social, emotional, and academic skills.


Children develop knowledge over time through meaningful learning experiences, constructive and purposeful play.  Our program utilizes the Creative Curriculum which focuses on a child's individual strengths, needs, and interests. 

The program focuses on:

  • Interactive units of study
  • Hands-on creative and meaningful experiences
  • Exploration in mathematical concepts
  • Early literacy development
  • Creative arts

 Ms. Lorraine's Pre-K youtube channel:





Grades PreK & K - Kiel Mindfulness & Wellness Day - Friday, April 3rd, 2020 


What is Mindfulness? 

From Mrs. Tinney

Fun with Music

Mindfulness is simply being in the moment and paying attention to what we are doing right now. 

To start - Watch this Video

Take a deep...Learn how to do the  4-7-8 Breathing exercise

Putting it all together!  

5 Mindfulness Breathing Exercises 

Remember there are 5 main feelings everyone feels sometimes: happy, sad, angry, scared, disgusted.


Play Guess the Feeling game with Riley from the movie, Inside Out.


Here is another Guess the Feelings game with the Sesame Street Characters.

Fun music can actually change the mood in your brain to happy!  So, here it is! It’s the link to one full hour of your favoriteKidzBop songs to sing and dance along. 


Listen to somerelaxing music like this,  It is paired with some images from nature and soothing lights to relax you!


Physical Education 

Show Your Artistic Side

Click onHoward B. Wigglebottom and scroll down on the left to click on “Making the Most of Things.”

Discuss with your family:  

  • What was disappointing to Howard?  

  • What other feelings did he feel?  

  • What did he learn about mud and rainbows?  

  • What does that mean to you?  

  • What does the song remind you of in your life?

Try some Yoga moves and stretches with Jaime in a farm setting!   Another choice is to get yourself moving with guided dance and music videos from your favorite and ours:  Go Noodle!


Maybe the weather is good and you are going to work out outside running, jumping, swinging, throwing, shooting baskets or riding your bike. 

There are many ways to practice mindfulness through art.  Click here to learn 5 fun and easy mindfulness crafts your kids will love!   

Check out the 5th suggestion about how to mindfully color!  There is a script that shows you what to say during the coloring that models for your child how to experience coloring in a mindful way.


Just For Fun

Being outside in nature is a way to feel connected and what better way to connect to the sights, sounds and smells of spring than doing a fun activity with your loved ones. Scavenger Hunter


Kiel Friday Mindfulness & Wellness Survey

Please take a moment to complete the short SURVEY of how your Mindfulness Friday went.