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Looking for some fun ideas to stay active at home?  Here are some ideas!!!


** DISCLAIMER- before participating in any activity, please make sure that the area and conditions are safe to do so.**


1.)  Love exploring?  Try a new hiking/walking trail!


2.)  Love improving?  Practice a new skill in your favorite sport.  Write down the NAME of the skill in a journal.  Write updates on how you are improving!  (Examples:  Hitting a baseball, making a basket in basketball, learning a new gymnastics skill)


3.)  Love pushing yourself?  Improving stamina-  Do you like bikeriding?  Skating?  See if you can make tiny improvements each week on how long you might do the activity.  Example:  If you went on a bike ride for 10 minutes last week, can you do 11 this week?)


4.)  Love making a game up?  CREATE a game-  Take your favorite sport and make a game.  What are the rules?  How do you play? 


5.)  Love encouraging others?  BE A COACH-  Do you love fitness?  Do you want to help family members get more active?  Be their INSPIRATION.  Your job is to remind your family to get moving!!!!  Remember to encourage them and to be kind!


6.)  Love Animals?  Make it a point to take your dog for a walk more often! 


7.)  Love playing pretend?  Make up a story and live in a different time.  Use your yard and imagination! Example (Being a king and living in a castle.  Being a mermaid!  Being a racecar driver!  Being a professional athlete!)


8.)  Love being creative?  Use chalk and create a bike path!  Use chalk and write a positive message!  Use chalk and draw a beautiful picture!


9.)  Love creating obstacle courses?  Make up an obstacle course in your yard!  Make a bike path on the driveway!  Have someone else do the course and time them!!!!


10.)  Love performing?  Create a routine that shows your BEST sport/athletic skills.  Show that routine to a family member.  (Could be gymnastics, soccer skills, karate, etc.  Be creative!)


11.)  Love a sport?  Create a book or pamphlet ALL ABOUT THAT SPORT.  Draw pictures and list facts about the activity!


12.)  Love being KIND to others?  Make someone a gift!  It can be a card, a craft, anything! 


13.)  Love searching for items?  Create an "Egg Hunt."  Have objects that are to be hidden.  Have someone hide them and look for them.  Now you take a turn.  Hide the items and have another person search for those items.


14.)  Love watching sports?  Put on your favorite sport.  Be the BROADCASTER by sharing comments on the game.


15.)  Love talking about a sport?  CREATE a commercial about WHY a certain sport is GREAT!  Have a parent or older sibling help you record your commercial!


16.)  Love being on a team?  Plan a night with your family where you all participate in a variety of sports.  (badminton, basketball, etc.)


17.)  Love golf?  Create a mini golf course on your lawn!  You can use a plaster cup on its side as the hole.  You can use a hockey stick, broom, golf club to hit the ball.


18.)  Love soccer?  Work on your dribbling, passing, and scoring skills.  Even if you don't have a net, you an use two cones or cups as markers for your goal!


19.)  Enjoy fitness?  Create a fitness plan that you will follow every day!


20.)  Love helping?  Make it a goal to help someone in some way everyday!  It might be helping with lawn work, taking care of pets, taking the trash out, etc. 


21.)  Love dancing?  Create your own dance OR find your favorite dance and learn the steps to it!  Teach it to another person!  If you want it recorded, ask a parent or older sibling to help out!