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I've included a link to the OPEN At Home Activities Website- This website has a variety of different bonus activities that your child can do at home!


Self- Selected Fitness Activity:


Riding a bike


Indoor Basketball-  Have a pair of socks?  GREAT.  Fold them into great a ball.  Use a box, a basket, any type of container, or have an adult make a hoop with their arms. That can be the hoop.  Practice accuracy!


Gotta Catch Em All Pokemon!  (Practice a skill.  If you can do it 10 times correctly, you caught a Pokemon!  Can you do it 10 more times?  You earned another!) 


Roller skating


Create a bike path (have chalk and a driveway?  Draw a path that you can ride your bike/scooter/roller skates along)




Frisbee Golf-  Have a frisbee?  Go outside and make different objects the target.  Try to throw the frisbee as close to the target as you can.  More than 1 player?  Each player takes a turn.  (similar to mini golf)  See how many throws it takes.


Corn hole!  Have a hula hoop and a bean bag?   See if you can underhand toss the bean bag to make it into the hoop!  Challenge someone!


Exercise competition!  See how many/how long of an exercise you can do (push ups, jumping jacks, running in place, etc)  Dare to challenge someone?  Go for it!


Create your own dance!  Have a favorite song playing.  Teach it to someone!


Create a mini golf course


Play the Floor is Lava (make a path that you have to jump, hop, or leap from spot to spot!)


Hide and Seek


Simon Says (Fitness Edition)


Create a Fitness Game!


Timed Race (run, bear walk, crab walk, etc)


Having a catch






Jump Rope!


Personal Swing Set


Walk the dog


Dance Party!


Fitness Exercises


Taking a walk/hike






CREATE a GAME!  (What is the name of the game?  How do you play?  What skill does it work on?  Is it a fitness game?  What is the goal of it?  How do you keep score?)


* Even helping with yard work counts as physical activity!