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March 2020


Dear First Grade Families,


To reinforce and maintain previously taught skills in preparation for Flexible Instruction Days, the First Grade team has compiled materials to maintain good habits and provide continuity while school is closed.


We have created a 10 day plan. We will be including general guidelines for completion. The intent is not to complete this in one day but rather to spread out the practice each day, so the students will stay on track with their learning. 


Please check your teacher’s OnCourse webpage daily for updates and contact your teacher via email directly, if necessary. Additionally, be on the lookout for potential email updates from your teacher as well.


We are doing everything we can to make the transitions as seamless as possible, in the event that this becomes a reality.


Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.




The First Grade Teachers


Flexible Learning Days Instruction Packets

Day 1.pdf


Day 2.pdf


Day 3.pdf


Day 4.pdf


Day 5.pdf


Day 6.pdf


Day 7.pdf


Day 8.pdf


Day 9.pdf


Day 10.pdf


Sight words reading log good habits.pdf


Day 11.pdf
Day 12.pdf
Day 13.pdf
Day 14.pdf


Day 15 - April 3, 2020 Mindfulness Day

Please click on the link below for a menu of various activities to engage in.