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Every child in our class will have the opportunity to be our STAR of the WEEK!

A letter, a poster to decorate, and a class (stuffed) mascot  will go home the Friday before your child's special week.


Your child will have the opportunity to spend time and write about his/her adventures with our special class mascot.


On Monday, please:

  • return class mascot and journal
  • send in the Star of the Week poster
  • a baby picture
  • present day picture
  • 2-3 pictures of family, fun events, etc.


   *These will be hung up on a bulletin board all week long.


On Wednesday, please:

return the "STAR JAR"  (this will be given to you).  Help your child put items of one kind into the star jar.  The jar does not need to be full and all items will be returned.  Classmates will estimate how many items are inside the jar so please tell your child to keep the total number of items SECRET. Please do not have the number of items in the jar exceed 50.

Some ideas are:  Cotton balls, legos (all the same size), pennies.


On Thursday, please:

send your child's favorite book into class.


Thank you for your help in making your child's Star Week Extra Special!