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Mrs. Wheeler's Google Classroom Code: wt22vj5










Dear Families,

Here are some step by step instructions to help you and your child be successful in completing paperless homework/activities.


Step 1: Log onto Launchpad -


Step 2:Once on Launchpad,click on the Google Apps icon, and then Google Classroom. 

*Please make sure the student is logged into their Google Account, (check the righthand corner).


Step 3: Click on their teacher’s class. This will open on the STREAM page, where you will find daily announcements.


Step 4: Assignments will be uploaded on the CLASSWORK page with the date in which students should complete the activity.


Step 5: Students should complete the activities and click SUBMIT or TURN IN. Sometimes you may have to exit the assignment and then go back into it to turn in.


Step 6: Once students have submitted the assignment, they should return to Google Classroom and click Mark as Done (this will ensure the teacher is notified once they’ve completed their assignment).