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December 2nd - December 13th: 


Anchor Text:  What Do Illustrators Do? 


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Text and Graphic Features, Sequence of Events, Analyze/Evaluate 


Vocabulary Strategies: Synonyms  


Grammar: Verb Tenses  


 Vocabulary Words: 










November 11th - November 22nd: 


Anchor Text:  Bat Loves the Night 


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Sequence of Events, Domain-Specific Vocabulary, Question 


Vocabulary Strategies: Suffixes -ible/-able  


Grammar: What is a verb?  


 Vocabulary Words: 










 October 28th - November 6th: 


Anchor Text:  Roberto Clemente 


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Cause and Effect, Literal and Nonliteral Meanings, and Visualize 


Vocabulary Strategies: Prefix mis- 


Grammar: Plural Nouns with -s and -es  


Vocabulary Words: 









October 14th - October 25th: 


Anchor Text:  Pop's Bridge


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Compare and Contrast, Story Structure, Infer/Predict


Vocabulary Strategies: Word Families


Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns 


Vocabulary Words: 










September 30th - October 11th: 


Anchor Text: Destiny's Gift  


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Understanding Characters, Story Message, Analyze/Evaluate 


Vocabulary Strategies: Antonyms  


Grammar: Compound Sentences


Vocabulary Words: 










September 16th - September 27th: 


Anchor Text: The Trial of Cardigan Jones 


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Conclusions, Author's Word Choice, Infer/Predict 


Vocabulary Strategies: Dictionary/Glossary  


Grammar: Kinds of Sentences  


Vocabulary Words: 











September 3th - September 13th: 


Anchor Text: A Fine, Fine School


Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Story Structure, Analyze Illustrations, Summarize 


Vocabulary Strategies: Context Clues 


Grammar: Simple Sentences 


Vocabulary Words: