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Skills to work on at home:

Any of the skills on your child's assessment
Pulling up/down pants/undies
Buttoning/zipping pants
Sign of the Cross
How to cut/use scissors
How to grip pencils/crayons/markers
How to use glue (liquid and stick)
Writing/spelling first name
Lacing/tying shoes
Identifying uppercase/lowercase letters
Identifying numbers 1-10
Counting 1-10
Identifying shapes
Identifying colors
Hail Mary Prayer


Ideas for At-Home Learning:


Read books to your child daily and ask them questions about the story to build their comprehension skills!

Talk about the calendar, weather, and season daily.

Go for a walk/bike ride.

PLAY, PLAY, PLAY - whether inside or outside, allow time for pretend play and directed play!

Learn a new skill! Teach your child to cook/bake something, make a craft together, do house/yard chores together, introduce a new sport or board game.

Draw a picture for a friend/neighbor and mail it to them.

Spend time praying for others!

Talk to your child and ask them lots of questions! Continue to engage their little minds.

Websites: - educational ela and math games / videos - educational word, math, holiday, strategy, and skill games - educational games for all subjects - educational games / shows for kids - math games by skill / concept - music and movement / exercise - stories to read and activities - fun music and movement learning songs - stories read aloud to children by famous actors/actresses - fun music and movement learning songs - educational music and movement learning songs - TONS of websites offering free services during school closures