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  I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer break! Make sure to stay up to date on my website/Google Classroom for all the latest classroom topics and important announcements throughout the school year. I believe in an open line of communication, so please reach out via email or phone for any and all concerns or questions! 



Google Classrooms codes based on homeroom teachers/period: 


 (Grade 8) Courtney, Period 1: xvrp5be

(Grade 8) Morton, Period 5: apccf5i

(Grade 8) Mark, Period 7: vc6m6gk


(Grade 7) Opthof, Period 2: lvkpv77

 (Grade 7) Kent, Period 9: ulwznm2 


(Grade 6) Connolly, Period 3: 4eaocsh

(Grade 6) Bede, Period 4: patc7ov