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Helpful Websites:



  • - you can search to see if a book is an AR and which level it is.
  • - a website where you can read short books

Spelling and Phonograms:

  • (username: amathis826   password: evan826)
  • - great website to practice phonograms
  • -  helps teach phonograms. This website is great for learning new phonograms as well as reviewing


  • Math Duel (3.99) - Math Duel is a split screen mathematics game that puts 2 players against each other on the same device. New single player mode is great for fun math practice!
  • 10 Frame Fill (free) - "10 Frame Fill" provides children practice with recognizing additive "10 Families" (e.g., 1 and 9, 2 and 8, etc.) Set the 10 frame to fill in sequence or randomly. Use contrasting color chips to fill the 10 frame as you determine the answer. Select to show a corresponding number sentence.
  • Monster Math (free and buy option) - practice math facts
  • - great website to practice math facts
  • Math Fact Ninja (.99) - practice math facts