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Social Living: focus of the week

- Chapter 2 

- Ch. 2 Test (...)




Study Guide: Please study every night.


Lesson 1 & 2

1. citizen- a person who belongs to a state or country

2. responsiblity- something you should do

3. community- a place where people live, work and play

4. right- what you are free to do or have

5. cooperate- you work together


Lesson 3 & 4

1. vote- to make a choice

2. law- a rule for a community

3. leader- helps people decide what to do

4. government- made up of citizens

5. mayor- the leader in many communities 

6.governor- leader of a state

7. Our state is Louisiana. Our country is United States of America.

8. President- leader of our country. Our president is Donald Trump

9. Symbol- something that stands for something else