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Behavior Policy
The following is a list of my class rules.
1.     Follow directions quickly.
2.     Raise hand for permission to speak or leave seat.
3.     Listen while others are talking.
4.     Use KIND words.
5.     Make SMART choices.
Mass Behavior
The students are encouraged to participate in Mass through prayer and song. Playing and visiting with friends will result in points taken off of weekly conduct grade.
Weekly Conduct Grade
Each day all students start on a “Ready to Learn” sign.  There are certain times throughout the day where I am looking for someone to move their clip up the chart. When caught being a good, that student will move their clip up to “Good Choices” or “Great Job.” If a rule is broken, students move their clip down to “Slow Down.” They will have 5 minutes of slow down time where minutes will be taken off of recess or free time. If rules continue to be broken, the student will move their clip to “Stop.” This will result in 6 points taken off the behavior grade. If misbehavior continues, an additional 2 points per infraction will be taken off of behavior grade. Serious infractions will automatically result in a call home.
You will receive a conduct sheet every Friday. Please sign and return on Monday. The grade for the week is determined by daily behavior. Each child will start the week with a 100A.
This year I will be using a web-based program call Class Dojo to help track student's behavior.  It is an excellent communication tool to help keep parents updated about their child's behavior.  In Class Dojo, students can earn points for positive behaviors such as, being on task, following directions, helping others, etc.  Students can also lose points for negative behaviors such as being off task, not following directions, etcs.  Students love being able to track their points.  I have sent home an invitation letter with directions about how to join.  If you need another copy, please email me.