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COURSE SYLLABUS: Physical Science




Instructor: Coach Hii




Course Overview


Physical Science is the study of inanimate natural objects such as Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and other closely related subjects.


Units of Instruction


We will follow the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as they relate to the district policy on pacing.




All students will be instructed in a variety of methods, including, but not limited to:


  • Lecture
  • Class discussion
  • Group work
  • Individual work
  • Use of the Internet as an informational source
  • Individual presentations


Evaluation Criteria


Students will have a variety of methods to display master of the subject area and to show their effort and overall contributions to the class.  The following are the criteria used to evaluate students:

  • Participation grades
  • Assessed for Accuracy
  • Major Assessment


We will have no less than 2 grades in PowerSchool per week according to the LPSB Policies.  Please check PowerSchool regularly, this will give you a great idea as to your grade in my class.




Other Tidbits


Late Work:First and foremost it is the student’s responsibility to acquire all assignments that were done while the student was gone.  Per Springfield’s absence policy, the student must either e-mail or discuss work not done within 2 days of their absence.    


Plagiarism:Plagiarism of any kind is a very serious offense and one that will result in an automatic “zero” for all students involved and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Work is to be your own—even homework-- unless a collaborative exercise.  




  1. Respect Springfield High School and Coach Hii at all times
  2. Take care of the classroom and all resources used (Including Textbooks!)
  3. Good attitude and work ethic
  4. A mindset of learning



My hope for each class is that they learn Physical Science and to come away with study skills that will serve them well into their careers.  I try this in many different methods.  Success in life is usually not guaranteed by smarts but rather hard work, attention to detail, and grit.  My door is always open if parents would like to meet and discuss their student’s grades *AFTER* the student has met with me and discussed it themselves.  At the end of the year, I fully expect all my students to be better learners.    




Expect Success and Nothing Less





Coach Hii