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Virtual Science Class Begins!

Please submit assignments in Google classroom!


***Monday March 16, 2020

Dear parents and students, 

I will be available throughout the school day, but my official scheduled "office hours" are on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2 pm. I will let you know in advance how to best communicate on those days (either on google stream or email). I will answer all Google classroom posts and emails as soon as possible. Please be patient though, as there are 125 students!


The Google Classroom stream chat is an easy way for everyone to communicate, ask questions, etc. I will give you plenty of time to complete assignments so do not panic! I want to make this as stress-free and fun for you as I can while still preparing you for 9th grade science!


Please remember that anything you post is available to me and the administration and it is PERMANENT. Please use the same rules of respect in the virtual classroom as you use in the regular classroom. 


Please keep all posts relevant to the topic/assignment. And please only post answers to questions if you are sure you know the answer!


Keep posts and comments respectful and positive


Parents- if you did not sign up in the beginning of the year, I sent you an invitation to Google classroom so that you may see assignments posted and receive weekly updates about your child's class. Please sign up if you have not.... 


As usual grades will be posted on PowerSchool and students will be allowed to reassess secondary assessments.


More to come... 


Stay safe!


Ms. Kuroda





 CSA 3 FRIDAY 3/13!!


 CSA 3 study GUIDE 19-20.docx 



Comic Strip- Phase changes due Tueday 3/3

rubric:  Comic-Phases of Matter.docx 



Evaporation Lab videos:





liquid particles



 Quiz Friday on States of Matter and Phase Changes (ch. 1 and 2 notes)


 Chapter 2 Notes: 

chapter2_student_reading (1).pdf 

 Matter PHASES CH 2 Questions.doc 


2/19 Chemistry Ch. 1 notes- What is Matter? Finish for HW -Due tomorrow 2/20

 ch1 studentreading -Chem is the study of matter.pdf 

 CH1 Reading WS 



2/18 Chemistry Begins!








Synthetic Materials Slide Project- Presentations begin 2/18 all slides must be submitted by 12 pm on Feb 17 

 Directions:      Synthetic Materials project.docx 

 Rubric:             Synthetic Proj RUBRIC.docx 


 If you were absent watch video here


 Resources for many synthetic materials here:




***Poster/paragraph Project due Monday 2/3

**Quiz- Human impacts on the environment Friday 1/31Study notes and w/s


Oil in the Middle East Activity Information- it is due tomorrow 1/10 if you did not finish it in class



***Test Tuesday 1/14 - Natural resources and fossil fuels.



Evolution Evidence KEY!

(the other link wasn't working. don't stress!)


Evolution evidence study guide 


Answers to CSA 2 Study Guide:

Key CSA 2 Study Guide(2).docx 



CSA 2 Thursday and Friday 12/12-12/13

CSA 2 study guide:Due Wednesday 12/11

 CSA 2 Study Guide(2).docx 





Quiz Evolutionary history - postphoned until Monday


HW- Study for your fossils ASSESSMENT-TOMORROW 11/26! 



Fossil Lab (including timeline due Friday

Fossils/ timeline Lab info.....


Lab -Part 3 Info

 3 extinct Fossil cards.pdf 

 The 5 Mass Extinctions Info Sheet.pdf 


Example of what a time line looks like (this is an Example!!)

Example of a time line.docx 



 Quiz- Fossils Friday 11/22

 Fossils Pic Vocab.pdf   Oil-Centers-Activity-1pn5csg.pdf 



Research and presentation guidelines and rubric>  

 Rubric AS research project.docx 



Artificial Selection Research Topics

 topics Artificial Selection Project.docx  


  Due: Wednesday at midnight!



You DO NOT have to work on the project over break... We will continue when we get back! Have a happy and safe fall break!!  



***Artificial Selection project on Google Classroom

You DO NOT have to work on the project over break... We will continue when we get back! Have a happy and safe fall break!!   


Answer Key to the study Guide.....

 KEY- Artificial Selection Study Guide.docx     


****Unit test- Artificial Selection: Thursday and Friday 10/31-11/1

 Copy of study Guide>  Artificial Selection Study Guide Name.docx 

Upcoming Artificial Selection Project! due 11/13- Intructions will be distributed Tuesday 10/28





Quiz postponed until Monday 10/27...Quiz based on the reading and venn diagram

10/24- HW Finish "Artificial Selection' Notes Packet and Create a 10 question (open ended)    Due Tomorrow 10/25. JUST the questions- we will answer them Friday! 

  Reading Notes: ArtificialSelection_EXPLAIN_Stemscopedia.pdf 

 ArtificialSelection Venn Diagram AnswerKey.pdf 





10/ 16

Proposal outline Class pet.docx 



Test Friday!

10/8 Study Guide distributed today    Due thursday 10/10 

UNIT TEST!!! FRIDAY 10/11- Natural Selection

 Study guide.docx 


Quiz on Natural selection  Vocabulary and Powerpoint Notes  Friday 10/4!!

PowerPoint: Natural-Selection-Darwin PPT.pptx

Notes:Darwin and natural Selection PPT fill in notes.docx 




 9/25 CER homework for Finch Lab 


Copy Of Finch Lab with C.E.R HW: NS Finch Lab explore 2 revised.docx 

C.E.R Powerpoint Notes: Scientific Writing-.pptx 



9/24Webquest Natural Selection & Darwin.pdf 




Line_Graphs_and_Variables1 (1).ppt 



Open note quiz friday on the scientific method! Know the steps, the order of the steps, and indepedent, dependent, and control variables!



 Scientific_Method_Review_-_simpson (1).doc 




Thusday, September 12th

BACK To School Night!! Welcome Parents! (If you cannot make it please feel free to email me with any questions you may have!)


9/12 HW - Finish Simpsons Science worksheet- due Friday

*****Don't forget to fill in your warm ups/closures EVERY day. Collecting on fridays!


9/11 HW- Finish Scientific Method Notes -due Thurs


9/10 HW- Finish Legionairres Questions- Due Wednesday!


Monday, 9/9 is Picture day! 



8th Grade Science with Ms. Kuroda


Welcome to Science on Team Y. It is going to be a great year and I am so excited to get started. Students will be introduced to many fascinating topics during their 8th grade year.  We will start the year off with The Scientific Method and Metric System, as well as writing formal lab reports. Throughout the year we will focus on topics in Chemistry, Energy, and Issues in the Environment.


I believe that all learners are unique, and that all learners come to the classroom with their own personalities, experiences, knowledge bases, and learning styles.  I also believe that all students are capable of success when they are actively involved with new information in an interesting and meaningful way.  Therefore, through stations, labs, cooperative group work, and other engaging activities students will be given the opportunity to succeed no matter their learning style. By incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards and Science Literacy Strategies, we will work together to ensure that this year is engaging and successful for everyone. 


Please familiarize yourself with my Course Syllabus and Expectations packet. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


Ms. Kuroda

Parents, the best way to contact me is through email. I check it many times throughout the day and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to working together to make this a successful year for your child.