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My name is Michael Carey and I will be teaching Academic US I as well as Global Terrorism for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a graduate of Rowan University Class of 2012. I have a double major in Education as well as History. I have prior teaching experience at Delsea Regional School District. This is my fourth year in teaching. I am very excited to have become part of the Kingsway family. 


My Philospohy of Education

   People are drawn to teaching for many reasons. My desire to teach emerged early and was nurtured by positive experiences with teachers, and was seen as a way to make a significant contribution by helping our youth grow and develop. The day-to-day interactions between teachers and students should build strong bonds. Creating these bonds, help create a great environment in the classroom where the students can feel comfortable and succeed.


   I believe effective teachers should realize that their classrooms are enriched by the varied backgrounds of students. Understanding differences among students in regard to their developmental needs, interests, abilities and disabilities should be paramount. However, differences in gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status are life circumstances that must be recognized and nurtured. An appreciation for such diversity, then, will help the teacher enable each student to make his or her unique contribution to classroom life.


   The classroom should be a learning community. Students can learn not only from the teacher but from one another. Allowing students to work in small groups and share their thoughts will help one another with critical thinking and idea sharing. Building up the idea of a team in the classroom will give the students of high and low needs the confidence and ability to have their input on subject matter. The learning community can open up better ways to reach the students of different learning styles as well. I believe that students must have the opportunity to develop their abilities as fully as possible. Each child is unique in his/her needs and should be given access to a free and appropriate public education.




All Course Expectations/Information can be found in the linked syllabuses below. 


Course Syllabusses:


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