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 I am available during SMART on C Days during L1 and L2!



For up-to-date information about either of my courses (Environmental Science and/or Honors Biology) please see the Google Classroom page for your class period.



Google Classroom codes (for students!) are as follows:


Environmental Science: Class 1: ui17gx          Class 3: 3s4o80                                                    Class 4: dpn40i3


Honors Biology:             Class 2: i7usvi           Class 8: 6f5jer



Parents! If you would like to access your student's Google Classroom page, please email me! I can invite you to the class so you can keep up with announcements and assignments at your preferred email address. 



The best way to contact me will always be through email! I am currently located in three different classrooms throughout the day, so it can be challenging to reach me on the phone through school extensions. If you would like to set up a phone call with me, you can always email me so we can schedule a phone call.



My email is as follows:

The best school extensions to reach me at are:    2102    and    2113