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Welcome to the library!


Dear Parents & Guardians:

If your child loses or damages a book checked out from the library, he/she will be responsible for paying the cost of the lost or damaged item and will not be able to check out additional books.


We will have a book fair during the year with proceeds benefitting the library and its patrons.


Funds collected will be used to purchase:

new books, vault books, audiobooks/Playaways, DVDs, CDs, Nooks, iPads, e-readers, applications, software, and accessories for electronic devices, such as cases, covers, screen protectors, chargers, batteries, cables.Funds collected from library book fairs will be used to pay for library supplies, student incentives, and library programs. Items include: books, association & conference dues, professional development, and art supplies such as: markers, posters, colors, pictures; pens, pencils, tape, paper, staples, ink, printer vacuum and spray. Also included are: highlighters, calendars, folders, binders, dividers, sticky notes, labels, stickers, cut-outs, bookmarks, batteries, fabric, letters, borders, book displays, library carts, furniture (chairs, sofas, tables, displays, shelves), stepstools, book processing supplies (laminating sheets, book covers, labels, pockets, stamps), glue, glue sticks, hot glue gun, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, substitutes & transportation for field trips, pencil sharpener, flash drives, DVDs, CDs, tissue, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes & sprays, name tags, t-shirts for library students & staff, student incentives, reading incentives, snacks & drinks approved by Pennington Approved Snacks List, gift cards/certificates, trophies, medals, certificates for AR awards, plates, cups, napkins, bowls, utensils, tablecloths, signs for library, shelf markers, balloons, decorations, paint, paintbrush, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, e-readers, cameras, video camera, DVD/CD player, photo paper, label maker, teacher appreciation gifts, ActivPens, cards, envelopes, apps, software, e-books, audiobooks, Playaways, electronic supplies (cases, covers, screen protector, chargers, cables, adapters), microphone, speakers, bags, boxes, containers, slipcovers, pillows, rugs, frames, printers; items for Maker Space such as sticks, adhesives, string, pasta, marshmallows, rubber bands, straws, Legos, coloring books, pipe cleaners, cardboard, glitter, clay, blocks, beads, furniture, banners; headphones/earbuds.


If you have any questions or concerns about these policies or procedures, please contact me at or call 337-893-1583.  Thank you for your consideration in these matters!






Keri Hebert


North Vermilion Middle School